Firefox and refrigeration

Ok ok, so you haven’t tried out FireFox yet. Well, here are more reasons to give it a go. Please note that link point back to an article at Slate, which strangely enough is a Microsoft property.

Moving on. Over at my sisters yesterday to look at their computer because they have again been hijacked by about 20 different spyware trojans*, had some dinner and came home. Walked into a stench that could only be described as a robotic rat caught on fire. It was bad. I thought something turned terribly bad in the fridge, but everything on the inside checked out. So I wheeled it away from the wall, grabbed the trust 4-cell mag lite and checked underneath for a possible critter. No dice.

Then the motor/compressor turned on, ran for about 15 seconds, then stopped. Then the smell returned. AH HA!

The fridge is pretty old (11+ years if I had to guess), and there is not way I’m going to pay anyone any thing to fix it. So, after an exhaustive search, a new refrigeration unit has been procured awaiting either pick-up (hopefully tomorrow) or Tuesday delivery.

Get to live outta ice chests in the mean time. Should I bust out the tent and sleeping bags too? Maybe turn off the electricity for the day. It would be just like camping!

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