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Been trying to do a few things lately that are a little bit more difficult than they should be. Really. Editing the hosts file on the Mac is one, installing WordPress MU on MAMP is the other.

Starting with the editing of the hosts file. It should be. Just. This. Simple.

Right? Yea, that doesn’t work for me since vi makes no sense to me at all and I couldn’t figure out how to open it in such a way that I could actually make changes.

For those of you in the audience that are _neck beard and ponytail_ challenged, here is what you do.

  • From the Finder menu, click Go –> Go to Folder
  • Type in /etc
  • Find your Hosts file. Double click to open it. I recommend editing it with Smultron since it will allow you to authenticate to save.

That’s how you do that.

Now, to install WordPress MU on MAMP. I have spent more than an hour trying to find the solution. All I manage to find are crappy responses on message boards, but not a single link to my solution. It requires editing the httpconf file in MAMP and the hosts file I do know that.

So far it’s installed and I can get a 404 page. Once I make it work, I will be posting it here as well.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.


  1. Just figured it out:

    in the installation page use “localhost.localdomain” as your server address (instead of localhost:80)

    (assuming you figured out how to add “ localhost.localdomain” to the hosts file)

  2. I tried that I thought, but only got 404s.

    I also made the changes to hosts.

    I will have to try this again. Thanks!

  3. no kidding. Last week I spent an entire day trying to make it work.

    I finally gave up and tried to get php and mySql running on the mac but it was being uncooperative, so I gave up on that too. Turns out I don’t really need WordPress MU anymore, but it would be nice to get it to run.

  4. gave up, signed up for a shared hosting plan at A2 and got it working. Buddypress is so good I jizzed all over myself.

    All I had to do is find and erase cpanel’s htaccess file and then create a subdirectory named “*” (that trick only works with the newest cpanel, x3 I think). Well worth the $12. Get a copy of Coda and you’re in business.

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