Film Transfer Project, Day 3

Sure there was a day 2, but I didn’t really share.

Have I mentioned that I have made the Bell & Howell projector my bitch?

Look at that. Running all smooth and silky. Not too bad for such a tempermental machine that’s for sure.

But I have figured out the trick to get it run right for the most part. I was able to knock out almost 4 300′ reels today in about 2 hours, and I’m very pleased with that. I say almost 4 because one of them broke part way through the transfer and I couldn’t find the glue we are using when that happens, so I’ll do that one again tomorrow.

One of the hurdles I’m running up against now is drive space. So far, the 8 reels I’ve captured are taking up almost 6gb of space in the format right from the camera. As soon as I start converting those to dv so I can edit them, I expect that number to triple. And since I only have about 5gb of free space left on my Mac, I’ll have to move those to an external drive to process and edit them. That will slow me down a bit I’m sure.

8 300′ reels down, 9 to go. Then I get to start in on the 50′ reels. I’ll be using my grandfathers external hard drive by then for sure to storage and transportation. I’m also hoping to somehow score a more powerful machine out of this as well. Would be handy since iMovie takes over an hour to import these from the camera directly. Ugh.

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