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Evernote on the stormEvernote finally announced a version for Blackberry phones. Specifically (as of this posting) for the Storm, Bold and Curve. This one has been a long time coming.

>We’re very excited about this release because, like a BlackBerry, Evernote is designed to fit perfectly into today’s fluid life/work mix. The minute you need to remember something, take out your BlackBerry and use Evernote to capture or recall whatever it is, then go on with your life. Isn’t it nice not having to worry about forgetting stuff?

It went live on App world yesterday (search Evernote, capital E) as a free download. I grabbed it when it finally went live, installed it and have been playing with it for a little bit and can say that’s it’s not the best solution.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it will allow you to post a text note, snapshot, audio note or a file. Those features work ok, but a little slow on the Storm. You can also view notes, but doing that or almost anything else launches the Evernote Mobile site in the browser.

If you do more than post text to Evernote, then this is definitely the app for you. However, if you use Evernote primarily to leave text notes for yourself, there are other ways to do that that work better in my opionion.

If you are a Twitter user, you can friend up @myen. After you do that, you can then link your twitter account to your Evernote.

Once that is done, you can send a D myen SMS message via Twitter (short code 40404 if you are in the US) and it will automatically show up every where you have Evernote running.

If you have been dying to get Evernote on your Storm, go ahead and get it. When frustration sets in because the app is too slow or you hate the BB browser, try the twitter method instead.

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