Droid Incredible

24 hours in, here are some thoughts, right after the sample video, of course.

Really not too bad. This will improve once Froyo is released, bumping video resolution to 720p among other features*. Enough about this, here is what I think so far, keeping in mind that I have used an Android phone prior; The Motorola Droid.

  • Size/form factor is perfect for my hands. It is very close to the iPhone 3gs in this respect and much better than the Moto Droid with it’s ‘chin’
  • Speed. This phone is wicked fast so far.
  • Sense UI. The Moto had stock android which I liked. The Incredible is running the latest version of the HTC Sense UI which I love. The keyboard is much better with this form factor and it works well. Predictive text has been fairly accurate so far and it learns quickly. And the scenes feature, allowing you to setup 7 home screens per, gives unlimited amounts of customizing.
  • The screen. I don’t think I’ve got the AMOLED screen, but it doesn’t matter. It’s very sharp and easy to read. Touch works like you expect it to as well.
  • Phone calls sound fantastic from both ends.

This photo take with the Droid
Taken with the Incredible

It’s not all perfect however. These are minor things I’ve noticed so far that kinda bug me.

  • Skype will not work if the WiFi radio is on. I know it doesn’t use WiFi on VZW, but to make me turn WiFi off is a pain in the arse.
  • There is a button, joystick style, at the bottom of the device. So far I have no idea what it does or why it’s even there.
  • Making calls. If I’m honest, there are too many options. I’m still playing with it.
  • No in-phone video editing. I have no idea why nobody has done this and am guessing when Froyo is more widely available this might get some attention.

So far, everything you have read or heard about this phone is 100% spot on. It’s the right size and shape, it’s fast and the HTC Sense UI on Android is a great combination. If you are on Verizon Wireless and don’t want a phone the size of your navigation device, I highly recommend it.

*Froyo is bringing 720p video recording, WiFi hotspot, faster speed with a new JIT compiler and chrome-to-phone among others.

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