Driving tips

It’s that time again. db’s friendly driving reminders. Feel free to take notes….

  • When driving with your cellphone to your ear and you cut me off, don’t act all surprised when I yell, scream or flip you off. C’mon, I know I wasn’t the first
  • When merging onto the freeway, remember that it works much like a zipper. You need a space before you can move. Build up some karma and not crowd.
  • 4 way stops run to the right (counter clockwise). 3 way stops work much the same way, unless the third way is on the left. Make adjustments accordingly
  • The posted legal speedlimit on most Southern California freeways is 65 MPH. Some are 55 MPH and some are 70. If you are not going to travel at least as fast as the posted speed, get off the freeway or ride the bus. At the very least, stay in the most righthand lane to keep out of the way.
  • uphill = more accelleration. downhill = brake. Do not mix these up.
  • When it rains, slow down. If it has been raining for more than 24 hours, don’t drive like a pussy. If you are that afraid of the rain, stay home or take the bus.
  • cell phones and *any* parking lot are a pretty bad idea. Please see the first item.
  • use your blinkers! if you unsure of their operation, consult your owners manual or take the bus. Don’t act all surprised when I yell, scream or flip you off because you cut me off because you were too fucking lazy or busy talking on YOUR GOD DAMNED CELL PHONE TO USE YOUR BLINKERS YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP!
  • Night driving on dry roads is the same as day driving on dry roads. If you are slowing down, go to the eye doctor. If you are driving an unfamiliar route, such as a mountain road, go around or take the bus.
  • If you have to pay for gas with the contents of your piggy bank, all pennies, stay home

    I’m just saying…..

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