Hosted the dad half of the parental units all week. He worked on doors.

New garage door? Yep.
Repaired shower door? Yep.
Repaired sliding door? Yep.
Rebuilt back door lock? Yep.

That’s a lot of door work.

I, however, didn’t work on any doors. I did call Verizon and order up some of that new FiOS service. Great picture and sound for the TV and blazing fast internet speeds. How fast?

The only weird thing about it so far is that it is giving me a Kansas City IP address. I really don’t live 1200 miles from the server I tested against. Closer to 80. Other than that, so far it’s pretty sweet!

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  1. Man, you suck! 😉

    We were in Virginia long enough for Verizon to dig up the back yard and run the fiber for the Fios… oh and cut a water line, a few phone lines, and a cable TV line in the neighborhood… But we left before they started offering the Fios service in our neighborhood…

  2. Paul has to save all his packets up for the month and put them in one of those Intra-departmental envelopes, and send them off on the 31st. He then gets another envelope back 2-3 business days later with return packets from the internet.

  3. No DSL? Cable is an option tho, right? I’d hate to think that you have to use :gasp: dial-up or US Post for the interwebs.

  4. yes, for us the internets really is a big truck, and it comes once a week.

    fortunately we do get cable so I can keep up to date with all my stock quotes and, er, political news.

    lots of people still with dial-up, just yesterday I was helping debug my wife’s uncle’s home “network” – two PCs connected to each other using Internet Connection Sharing on a 26k modem *runs screaming*

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