Don’t throw away that keyboard!

I’ve mentioned I’m a bit of a keyboard snob. I’ve also mentioned that I really like the wired Apple keybard. Quite nice.

Like it so much, in fact, that I used it quite a bit. Which means it got dirty.

I don’t mean dirty wipe-it-off-with-a-dry-towel dirty either. One could, and probably would have, call it gross. Downright nasty in fact.

But not anymore!

It again looks good as new, see?

Real life screen shot of my keyboard
(yes, I use Skitch to take real life screen shots too)

I got it looking like I just pulled it from the box not by putting it into the dishwasher. No special chemicals or tools were required. Didn’t take it apart either.

Glass cleaner and paper towels. That’s it. And, it only took about 10 minutes. Maybe.

Spray the blue juice onto the paper towel. Start scrubbing. That’s it. You’ll find that even the most stubborn, built-up gunk comes right off. Unlike a PC keyboard where the gunk and crap gets into the crevices of the keys, the Apple board doesn’t have those crevice (and the keys are shorter), so you can really get it clean.

So, save the $40. You’ll probably need it for gas next week anyway.

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