Don’t Roam on Verizon, either

You might remember this from back in December about roaming internationally with AT&T. I do believe my official comment was _unless you are made of money_.

Turns out, the same is true of Verizon Wireless.

Thought I’d give them a ring to find out exactly what they would charge me to use my phone in the UK next month. I knew it would be bad, but it’s actually worse. I certainly hope you are sitting down.

If I were to call VZW, get the unlock code for my SIM so that it would work on the GSM networks available in the UK and then make or receive a phone call, I would be happily charged $1.29 per minute for that call. Sure that’s steep, but then I asked about data charges.

Holy crap. And, for good measure, holy crap!

$.02 per kilobyte. that’s 2 pennies for 1/1024th of a megabyte. I’ll save you the headache from doing the math by telling you that it comes to a little more than **$20.00** per MB! Are you fucking kidding me? $20?!?!

Am I to believe that the largest cellular carrier in the United States, who, from what I understand, is pretty tight with Vodaphone, can’t work a better deal? No, I don’t think so. I think they VZW, much like the rest of the cellular providers, are a bunch of greedy bastards that like to take advantage of their idiot customers that don’t know any better any chance they get.

I’m still waiting for that point in history where humanity rises up against the evil that is known as the cellular phone industry and starts to demand fair pricing, good coverage and good service, not just a fancy handset. And, if anyone could point me in the direction to get on the mailing list for that memo, it would be greatly appreciated.

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