Don’t Look for Excuses

I’m mentioning this because it has come up twice in the last week and change. Talking about Macs.

First recommendation

I forgot how the subject even came up, but I, of course, recommended getting a Mac. His first words were “Do they have a tablet?”.

I said no.

I then asked if he needed one or knew someone that did.

He said No.

I then said It’s obvious he really doesn’t want a Mac.

2nd recommendation

Again, not sure how it came up. But I spent a lot of time answering questions and clarifying things. Way too much fight in these people. I ended up getting this guy sorted out and he thinks a Mac might be in his future.

I’m not going to be doing this anymore. If you have questions pertaining to switching, I will gladly answer them. But, if you ask what kind of laptop to buy, don’t get all pissy and defensive when my first choice is a Mac. If you don’t want a Mac, then get a Dell or Lenovo and leave me alone about it. And, don’t keep asking me questions so you can further convince yourself you don’t want/need a Mac. It only makes you look stupid.

All those Mac vs. PC commercials are fairly true. Unless you are a hardcore gamer, have to run a network with a domain and Active Directory or you just can’t live without Outlook, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give serious consideration to the Mac for your next purchase.

Just stop looking for excuses. If you are, then don’t ask for my opinion.

(To rub it in, I used Safari to post this. So there)

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  1. I can see where this can get frustrating for you DB. I think the biggest issue is that most people don’t have any experience with Mac’s. I myself am a semi-IT guy (Meaning I get paid to babysit systems, lol) and 100% of my experience is on PC. I know that things work differently on Mac’s and would be a bit apprehensive of switching simply due to my own ignorance.

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