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Why do some songs have to have the most rediculous lyrics? I ask this today because I will be telling you about my current workout playlist, which has some songs that are great to workout too, but have the silliest/dumbest/sickest/sexist/lamest lyrics ever. For example.

  • Track 1 in the list is Eminem Just Lose It. Great beat to get started with cardio, but man, the worst lyrics eva!
  • Track 2 is The Police Canary in a Coalmine. I have no complaints here. Great song.
  • Track 3 is the awesome I Feel Love by The Blue Man Group. Less club, more hard driving beat. I don’t really have any complaints here either, but the song only has 3 words anyway. Also, I can only listen to the first minute of this song. Any longer and I’m sure I’d passout on the elliptical. I hope to be able to go the entire 4:06 without passing out in about another week
  • Track 4 is The Red Hot Chili Peppers with Dani California. Actually like this song, including the lyrics. It’s a nice break after the last 3 tracks. It also signals that I’m almost done with cardio today.
  • Track 5 is a lovely pop nugget from Gwen Stefani called The Sweet Escape. Too tell the truth, I’ve not heard the lyrics on this one yet. It has such a yummy groove that I really don’t care
  • Track 6 and it’s time to move to machines. This is Shake That by Eminem with Nate Dogg. Great groove again, excellent beat, but really, don’t I need to hear how Nate gets women is his Hummer Truck? Also, I really don’t care how much ass he gets. But good for him for gettin’ some I guess.

The remaining 20 songs are just filler so I don’t have to listen to the piped in muzac the gym has while I hit the weights.

So, I guess it’s just the Eminem tracks that I have a problem with. Oh well, I’ll continue to put up with it as long as it works for motivation at the gym.

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  1. Db- I concur about “just lose it”- horrible songs but it does give you a rather upbeat start to a workout. Here are a few on my playlist that (for some reason or another) seem to work for me…check them out on iTunes if you get a chance:

    – “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (blue oyster cult)- classic
    – “Into the Ocean” (blue october)- coincidentally, this song embodies how I feel about my selling out to the corporate world.
    – “Jerk it Out” (Caesars)- dumb but oh so catchy song.
    – “Touch the Sky” (Kanye West)- rather upbeat, sorta uplifting song. Good for starting out.
    – “Go Go Gadget Gospel” (Gnarls Barkley) -funky beat
    – “The Seed 2.0” (The Roots)- tells a good story while keeping it going..
    – “Fingers in the Factory” (Editors)- from one of favorite newly-discovered UK bankds last year.

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