Don’t get the Covid

Dammit! I thought for sure I made it. Since 2019, hiding, wearing a mask, being careful. All that. Still, I walked through a sneeze or touched something I shouldn’t have and managed to catch Covid.

Covid is Real

Let’s start here: positive covid test

That is what a positive Covid test looks like. 2 stripes. In my case, both of them very solid in color and, oddly enough, both of them appeared almost immediately. Still, I waited the requisite 15 minutes and just as sure as God made little green apples, there I was with Covid.

For me, it started simply enough with a sore throat. That’s it. Easy. Sore throat for me usually turns into a head cold, which this also did, and I’m thinking this should be a piece of cake! Then, right about day 4, what some might call a flu kicked in and holy shit it was brutal! Fever of about 102, aches and pains beyond my normal set of aches and pains and where did all of my energy go? For the remainder of that week I don’t remember much because I was mostly sleeping. When I would wake up, I would change to a different room in the house so I could nap. This lasted about 4 days.

Fast forward to this post because the rest is just me sniffling, coughing, sneezing, napping and blowing my nose. By my guess, these shenanigans started 10/19 and officially ended with a negative test on 11/03. Here, 1 week later, I’m still not 100%. Somehow I managed to scrape up enough energy to help run a wedding on Saturday. Boy, let me tell you, that definitely emptied the tank and I’ve been struggling since.

On the plus side, I did stay out of the hospital, this never got into my chest and, obviously, I did not die. I thank my full vaccination card for that. In fact, this happened 1 week after my booster/flu shot. For the record, they are not related because the booster or the vaccine DO NOT give you the disease.

Stay safe out there, do what you can and get the vax.

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