Does anyone know?

Part of my day to day is checking out quite a few different automotive sites and automotive related news. Included in that, usually, is talk about the price of gas.

Then the comments start. And, might I say what an uninformed bunch we are. I mean really.

Is there any one among us that knows why the price of gas is high? We can speculate it’s the oil companies gouging us, but then they say their profit percentages are in line with other companies. Ok, I’ll buy that.

We can blame the war in Iraq or instability there, in Brazil or anyplace else. But is that really why?

Oh, I know, it’s got to be a supply/demand problem and all of those damned SUV’s and Bugatti’s running around, right? I’m pretty sure this isn’t why either.

Blame Bush? Sure, you could jump on that band wagon too. But, with only a few month left in office, is that terribly productive?

Maybe it’s the weak Dollar? Since oil is traded in Dollars, and since the Dollar is tanking pretty much everywhere now (even in Canada? Are you kidding me?), that sounds pretty reasonable.

Or, perhaps it’s a combination of all or some of these events. Working in concert to single handily screw the United States and just about every other major oil consumer on the planet. Maybe?

I can tell you that I do not know. And, the more I read, the less I know. It’s a confusing mess with the spin doctors definitely earning their keep by blaming the other guy. It’s crazy.

It’s also why I’ve never actually said why I think they are high. I don’t have enough information to accurately say one way or another. It’s also why I wish other people would stop.

So quick to blame Bush, the oil companies, or the war. So quick to YELL AND SCREAM at SUV owners. It’s nothing more than FUD and I think it’s time it’s stopped.

Unless, of course, someone can tell me exactly why oil prices are high, without a doubt. And, when you are done telling me, perhaps you should make the rounds on the morning shows too, get everyone else sorted out as well. Sure would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. It’s simple DB… Gas costs as much as people will pay. Of course, it’s also the US government’s fault for not reverse-engineering that Roswell UFO fast enough to make the internal combustion engine redundant. I mean, those idiots figured out how the stereo worked (CD’s/DVD’s) before bothering with the engine?!?! Jeesh!

  2. if “but then they say their profit percentages are in line with other companies.” Means record profits, sure.

    But yeah when it comes to gas we’re alargely (myself included) uninformed. Just look at the now, never mentioned Gas tax break for summer, that Hilary and McCain thought would win us over.

    just imagine if we all had our flying cars already, sheesh!

  3. Flying _electric_ cars you mean, right? Even if not, would I still have to pay road tax? You know, ’cause it flies?

    And @Drill. I know what you are saying man. I think you are on to something there. Maybe I’ll write my congressperson 😉

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