#2 - getting my fixIt’s been a bad week. I can’t tell you why, but it is personal. Work is going great so far however. This has led me to needing distrations.

First one is I am going to attempt to do a Flickr 365. It’s perfect. I spend a little time thinking about the shot then take it. Bonus if I can do it with my phone, then I don’t have to offload photos from a memory stick everyday.

The ‘rents are out again (hi Mom!). That usually provides a pretty good level of distraction as well which I am welcoming this time around. Thursday night for example Mom showed me her photos and is bummed that she can’t upload all of them to her Flickr. Pro account for her birthday? I think so. Or Mother’s Day.

After that, I showed them the goodness that is Hulu.com. All of this happened after I gave them both a full tour of the new site I’m working on. Sorry, it still only lives on my computer, but you’ll hear about it as soon as it goes live.

Yet another distraction that I have right now is the gym. Getting there is a distraction that I’ve been missing this week and, as it turns out, scheduling time to get there is quite the distraction as well.

I’ve also been distracted by Apple stuff. Primarily the coolness that is the new iLife and the holy-shit-are-you-kidding-me pricing of the new 17″ MacBook Pro. I built one yesterday that came to almost $6,000! Big thanks to everyone for making fun of my toot typo/missed letter last week too. That was not nearly as awesome as you think it was. Really.

Speaking of, you might have noticed the toots have been a little light this week. Between being fairly busy and not really being able to fully appreciate the replies they have been getting either on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve slowed down a bit. Yet another distraction, this one very much unwanted.

Finally, I have 2 websites that I need to finish that aren’t work related and 1 that still needs the WP upgrade. So if I’m not around much for the next week or so, you’ll know why.

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