This was bound to happen to me sooner or later, but I do believe that I have been discriminated against for my religion (or lack thereof).

I saw a job opening on Craigslist. It didn’t pay much, but money is money, right? Got an email reply asking, specifically, about my religious affliation. Of course I don’t have one and of course I didn’t get a reply back.

I’m not going into a snit over it or anything since the job paid less than minimum wage anyway (strike 2?).

I just find it amazing that still happens and they get away with it. Probably because they are a church I’d wager.

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  1. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I graduated. I was interviewing with a well-known chicken place that is openly conservative Christian and has a surprisingly large corporate IT division.

    At one point the interviewer asked me “So, what do you like to do during weekends”- whereby I mentioned nothing about going to church, being family oriented, or loving chicken.

    Needless to say I never received a call-back. But, it’s definitely for the better..I could never work for a place that is as small-minded and discriminatory as that.

    Keep plugging along db.

  2. Me, I’d forward that e-mail to the CA Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing

    I’m just saying…

  3. Dude, I keep trying to comment and the response becomes a rant (bear with me, I just spent 18 months in the Bible Belt, lol) so I’ll just leave it at… That’s messed up 😉

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