Did I mention…

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this recently, but I will, very soon, be in the process of moving.

The ‘rents are actually counting the days until Dad retires. They have it 100% planned out and can. Not. Wait. And, since I live in their house, time to move.

I’ve thought about moving out of state. Did a little job hunting even in another state (but that will be another post) to see what’s what. But, there isn’t anything there for now, so I’m stuck here. Well, the Lad is also in his Sophomore year in high school, which weighs quite heavily on my decision.

I’m hoping to find something close to where I am now. Not so I can be closer to Mom and Dad, but I really like this area. There are only a few places that I would live that are 5 miles or less to the lad’s school, and this is one of them.

More as the situation develops. Keep an eye on the twitter for random house hunting stuff.

Oh, and remember me if you might be looking to do some shopping at Amazon.com. See the search box over there? I’m gonna need the money!

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  1. The snarky side of me hopes you set your sights a bit higher than a place that has been broken into a few times….but then again, you said yourself that you like it there — there are days I don’t get you, you know this right?

    The less snarky side of me wishes you the best of luck on finding the right home for you and the Lad. I also have high hopes for an outstanding job for you and perhaps good things for the Lad too πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, that was quick. I’m surprised nobody tossed out the ‘first’ post. hehe πŸ˜‰

    Thanks gang. Updates will be provided as they happen. Already have found some possibles that I will be calling on next week.

  3. Good luck on the searching. Although I can only imagine how expensive renting/owning is in California would an apartment be out of the question? Also, my dad mentions on a monthly basis how good the job market is in Vegas (he lives there) and the housing is more reasonable..I know you said your folks lived out in Henderson, correct? Maybe that’s a possibility. There’s always the casinos!

    It might give you the flexibility you need..just a thought. At any rate, good luck on the house hunt.

  4. Huh, I was going to say ‘go to vegas, man’ but I see I was beaten to it. Seriously though, the Vegas market is pretty good and house prices are reasonable. I’d move in a heartbeat but the wife doesn’t want to ‘leave the ocean’ (I think we could get to the ocean from vegas faster than if we drove from here….)

  5. >Did a little job hunting even in another state (but that will be another post)

    As it turns out, it was Vegas, but I won’t be getting the job. Again, as I said, that’s for another post.

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