Dad fixed the lappy

So, down at CCRM this week hooking up the wLAN.

First day? Just about THE most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. No sleep the night before and me to stubborn to RTFM lead to some serious frustration. I couldn’t get anything to connect outside of about 100′ from the main antenna and the power cord to my laptop finally split all the way, rendering the lappy pretty much useless.

2nd day, I finally did some reading. And some tweaking. Then I tweaked some more and PRESTO! I’m connected. right about 300 meters too (if I had to guess) with a strong signal and useable speed. I wouldn’t try Skype over it or anything, but email works just fine and I pulled a 20MB file down in about 5 minutes. Considering the latency I’m dealing with, and the speed I had to crank the access points down to in order to get the distance (1mbs), I’m pretty happy.

Back to the first night for a sec, ’cause this is funny. Chillin’ with the ‘rents watching the Olympics. Figure skating if you must know. And Dad starts fully going off on Dick Buttons. I guess this oldster was a figure skater circa 1943 or some such and his comments during the performances weren’t so much what you would expect to hear from a television announcer. More like what you would hear from a bitchy coach standing on the boards all bitter because his skating career was cut short from that nasty accident with a Jim Beam bottle and cousin Fred. I swear, I thought Dad was going to start throwing shit at the TV. He is, I’m fairly certain, going to email NBC and file an official complaint. Anyway, that was awesome.

Back to the 2nd day, or, night.

My brother gets here and I try to hook his lappy up on the wireless network. Well the pony tailed admins at his company have him locked down pretty good, plus there is all of this Novell crap everywhere, so no dice. I tried with Mom’s, but really, I’d rather be in the dentist chair without novacaine after eating an entire box of twinkies then try to configure winME network settings. I’ll cut to the chase and say it didn’t work.

I mention I’d try on my lappy, but the power cord broke. Dad says “well, let me take a look, maybe I can fix it”. Dad is way handier than I am, which I know I have mentioned before. Anyway, after about 1/2 hour he was able to reconnect the power cord and SHAZAAM!

Dad fixed the lappy.

Oh yea, the wireless? I did all of this on it.

From where I sit right now, I can VNC into at least 10 PC’s, adjust 4 access points and a router, not to mention dial into 9 car washes plus the server. All while I sit on the porch looking out over Lake Mohave.

Yea, not too bad eh?

By Don

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  1. How is it that Dad’s are so handy? Did they get classes on how to fix just about everything that they didn’t teach us. I am constantly amazed by the general handyness of my father, even if he does have to bleed to fix something.

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