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Something that increases comfort or saves work

That is actually 1 of about 5 definitions for this word, and it’s the one I will be concentrating the most on today.

There are many different things that are there for us as a convenience. Drive-thru windows, pay at the pump, on-line banking and convenience stores, to name but a few.

What I hate is when any of the things that are supposed to be a convenience no longer are. For example, the convenience store. The main reason for these types of stores it to get you in and out quickly. Usually just a soda, candy bar or a bag of chips. Even if there is a line, it should go quickly and there is no reason for any of these types of stores to take more than 5 minutes to get you served and on your way.

In the town that I live in there are 2 *convenience* business that are no longer getting any of my business because they are no longer convenient. First is a drive-thru restaurant that never gets me on my way in less than 15 minutes. As it happens I know how long it takes to make a bean burrito, and trust me when I tell you that it is not 15 minutes. Doesn’t matter if I’m the only car either, still takes 15 minutes. So, they don’t get any more of my business.

Next is a convenience store. It’s one of the larger chains too, and they have at least 6 locations in my town. The closest being the one not but 3 minutes from the house. I want to run in, grab some milk, a loaf of bread and a pack of smokes. So far, in my last 7 outings, I have not managed to get in and out any faster than 15-20 minutes! The clerk is usually too busy explaining the benefits of the latest cigarette discount to some dullard that just pulled up in their ’74 Pinto, talking on the phone, or shift change is happening.

I’m a busy guy, and I don’t always have the time to do a leisurely cruise through the market for this stuff. But, at the speeds I’ve been getting lately, I’m starting to think it might actually save me time to do it that way instead.

Is Christmas over yet?

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