Continuing to undo the Creepy

The next thing on my list is to ditch Google Chrome as much as possible. Much like Facebook, it creeps me out, among other things.

I imagine I could dig through the archives and find more than 1 post complaining about Internet Explorer version 6. Google Chrome is turning into that. Developers only code to it, designers only design for it. Leaving us as users stuck with it, and all of the creepiness Google has built in.

toward the end of last year I decided to switch back to Firefox for all my personal browsing needs and it’s been brilliant for everything except a tool I use for the MINI show, so I keep it for that, plus work.

But recently, Microsoft has been acting silly. They decided to take the open source guts of Chrome and make a new version of Edge. It’s in beta, but in an effort to rid the creepy sooner than later, I have installed it and have been using it for work stuff. On Windows and my Mac.

And it’s not horrible.

It’s as fast, if not slightly faster, than Chrome. Has some of the security as Firefox best I can tell, and it’s stable. Plus everything seems to work that I needed Chrome for in the past.

I might have just broke up with Chrome. Time will tell.

By Don

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