closing out the month

ok gang, it’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for…

db’s log recap!

ok, so that was a bit to much eh? sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Let’s start with traffic:
Unique visitors: 178
total visits: 468
pages viewed: 1196
hits: 1486

Dang! I almost beat John: 40
red-omega: 42
the rest are just log spammers or services

the good stuff…search engines refs
most hits: Frog Porn (again): 10
most f’ed up: kim possible hentai (again): 1

justs makes me scratch my head and wonder in amazement how anyone thought they would find this here:
ass clown f
(Josh claims this, but it’s doubtful)
super mario bros porn
(really? this exists?)
frog pyjamas
(I smell Josh again on this one)
what happens if my ram comes loose
(get back to me on this one when you find the answer eh?)

coolest: byoms

I don’t know how the 3 of you and myself can generate so much traffic, but thanks for helping out!

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