The Sunday Post #78: Clean up your mess

What a disaster somethings can be.

Cleaning up messes


That shot was taken at a customers house this week. It’s a beautiful house. Quite large with many fancy things, including a groovy coi pond in the front. Very nice. Until I see the closet that contains what you see above.

You see, that’s a wiring panel that the home builder used as a central location for all of the homes communication cabling. Television, network and telephone all run into this particular panel. I would even imaging that when it was new, it was organized and tidy.

Until someone else came along and screwed it up.

I like to use the term half assed as much as possible. I would use it here except this wasn’t even a half assed job. It was much worse. And I see this kind of thing every day.

2 steps that were missed after a Windows install so the customer got virus’ again. 3 sentences that could have been spoken so the customer understands what just happened. Holding information that serves no other purpose than to make the holder feel like they are more important. The cabling panel above.

These are details. Small, insignificant details sure, but details nonetheless. Sometimes it takes those details to finish something all the way. To make it complete. _To do something_.

Sure, I do stuff half-assed all the time. Usually it’s for a reason, and **always** I go back and make it right. To me, it’s not done until it’s done the way I think it should be, or the way that makes the customer happy.

If you are going to bother to do something, anything, why not take the extra step and do it right? Make it cool. WOW somebody! After I was finished with the panel above, the customer was very thankful and gave me way more praise than I was comfortable receiving. It’s a small thing that had been bother him for some time and he was pleased I fixed it, Easy.

All I’m trying to say here is that if you are going to bother to do something, make an effort to do it right.

If not, call me and I will do it for you.

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