Christmas Idea #1

Looking for ideas for Christmas? Keep an eye here for a few between now and the 20th. Like today for example.

Amazon has a screaming deal on the USB/Firewire Drobo drive bay. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it. From

>The safe, expandable Drobo™ storage solution protects your data against a hard drive crash, yet can expand dynamically at any time in just seconds. With nothing to configure or manage, Drobo is now the ideal solution for primary storage as well as backup.”

It will take any size drive up to 4TB and they don’t even have to match. It builds the redundancy automatically so you don’t have to do anything more than watch the lights and swap drives when they go bad.

I mentioned the smokin’ deal? Click the Amazon link above to get the Drobo for $100 the normal price. Amazon is offering an instant $50 off plus a mail-in for an additional $50.

So it may be a little spendy, but it’s a great device and we all **know** the importance of a good backup, right?

Data Robotics DR04DD10 Drobo 4-Bays USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 Fully Automated SATA Robotic Storage Array

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  1. The one that Safari is blocking. Stupid iframes. I’ve added a text link to the bottom of the page.

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