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I’ve always been fascinated with stop motion animation (remember Gumby?) and time lapse photography. Since I do not have the time to make clay bits move about, photography is more my speed.

It’s really simple. Find what you want to shoot, set the focus, set the invalometer to the desired time and walk away. Come back to a either a dead battery or full CF card (yes, my camera is old. Let it go) and transfer them in. The video above was created from over 500 shots taken every 3 seconds.

I have a photoshop action that I use to resize the images to 720p, bring them into Google Picasa (yes, on the Mac), set the frame rate and turn ‘er loose! Once I have a completed movie, I can edit again in iMovie (to add sound or mix it with something else), which I have done here.

As a bonus, this one is short enough that I was able to post it to my Flickr stream, something I haven’t updated in months!

By Don

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  1. Hmmm I wonder if there is software that can take regular footage and make a stop animation from it? I suppose I could do it iMovie/FCX by hand… I want to do a stop animation of me riveting the tail but I don’t think my camera has that feature.

  2. There is an app for your phone that does time lapse. I think Vignette does, or at least it used to. Have to pay $5 for it, but it’s an easy way to do time lapse with your phone.

    And load up Google Picasa. Does time lapse from 1/30 al the way down to 1/12 I believe.

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