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I guess I have an excess amount of magnetic energy eminating from my person. Perhaps I don’t properly worship the correct gods. Maybe I have the wrong haircut. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not cool enough. Whatever the case, I have the worse luck with mobile phones.

This Android device was perfectly ok until it started crashing after I finished each call. So it was replaced with another. The replacement was a newer device that lacked the build quality of the first. It also came preinstalled with the previous devices issues, and then some.

Sure it crashes when I end a call. Sure, if I pull the phone away from my face and put it back it disconnects the call. I mean, what phone doesn’t do this now. As a bonus, this phone also refuses to provide any notifications from any of the apps that I have installed like Facebook, Twitter, G+ (which I mostly blame Google for) and SMS messages.

These are all problems that I never read about. Problems that nobody else seems to have.

I’m going to be charging up the Storm tonight and activating it this weekend. It has crappy internet, but at least it will make a damned phone call and let me know when someone is trying to leave me a message somewhere.

I think the problem stems from the fact that I still use my telephone for voice communications. I know this makes me the odd man out, but I still use about 400 minutes per month talking to people, and anther 400 minutes talking with other Verizon Wireless customers (mostly family). Doesn’t anyone bother checking this kind of functionality anymore?

I’m going to end up carrying both devices for a time too. The Blackberry, which rules for SMS and email, is completely lame for everything else. Since I spend the bulk of my time in WiFi coverage areas, I’m going to keep the Dinc around (in Airplane mode) to use as my portable hand-held computer.

Lame, right?

What I would like is to be able to upgrade to an iPhone. From what I can tell, the iPhone doesn’t have any issues when it comes to making and receiving voice calls. At least none that I have heard about.

As I keep saying, my telephone, first and foremost, needs to have the ability to reliably make and receive phone calls with sending and receiving SMS messages being a very close second. Right now, the device I have doesn’t do either of those well or reliably so it’s time to switch back to something that does.

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