Celebrities in the news

Ok, some points that I feel must be made.

1. I do not care that Mel Gibson got a DUI.

Really, I don’t. But, if you want to tell me when when of the local teachers does, or perhaps a bigshot doctor, then by all means.

2. I do not care that Mel Gibson has had problems with alcohol most of his life.

Honestly. Rehab. Call your mom. Do something.

3. I do not care that Mel Gibson cussed out the police officer

Hello? Wasn’t he getting arrested for DUI? Don’t those too go hand in hand at least 60% of the time?

The first one that can tell me why this is news won’t win anything from me since the swag closet is empty, but everyone reads the comments, so that has to be worth something. Oh yea, saying ’cause he is a celebrity’ ISN’T a reason.

That is all.

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  1. Er, because it distracts the newsfolk from having to keep coming up with more justifications for Israel killing innocent civilians in the name of justice? 🙂

  2. I’d suggest “slow news day” but that really doesn’t make sense — and isn’t at all funny.
    So, I’m thinking that it is news because Mel was once a hottie and anytime a hottie falls in the public eye, it is always news. It is either that or his publist thought he hadn’t done anything news worthy since killing Jesus.

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