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This one has been bugging me for quite a while. I was reminded when I saw a link someplace trying to get people to help BritBrit.


When Anna Nicole Smith died, why did we have to hear anything else after that?

Do we care that Britney is, again, in rehab out of rehab in rehab out of rehab?

When any celebrity gets into some kind of trouble, does anyone really care?

If I were to go into rehab would it make national TV coverage? What if I shaved my head? What if I got a DUI or a parking ticket? Shopped at the Gap?

Just because they are celebrities, does not make it news. That’s all I’m sayin’. Sure, let us know when they have a birthday, get married or die because I know people like that. But you can skip all the rest of it. Mostly because I just don’t care.

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  1. This post was feeling no love, so I’ll leave an (unrelated) comment: db- ever have wordpress sometimes change back to the default theme? My site does that about once every two days (realized it today- checked it this past friday)- is the stylesheet acting up?

  2. I have not seen that happen before. Not on any of my sites. I have read about it happening tho.

    Might be a problem server side? Is the original theme still there after the change? Also, it’s a good idea to make sure you are running the latest greatest. Someone might be going in a screwing with it.

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