Can you imagine?

It’s Saturday. That means after I return this computer I reloaded, assuming I don’t have any other support calls, I get to run errands. Those errands almost always include spending money at various stores in my area. Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to do that all in one shopping center?

I hate shopping. I’m a guy, so it comes with the territory. I don’t mind shopping so much when I get to go to any of the following stores.

  • Target
  • Trader Joes
  • Starbucks
  • CostCo
  • The Apple Store

Now it’s time for some enterprising property development company to build a shopping center that contains all of these stores in the same center. Maybe include a Panda Express or a burrito joint in there, and something with a drive-thru window (to appease the masses).

Shopping nirvana right there friends.

By Don

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