Can you believe this?

Trying to get news on the earthquake, I zip over to KNX 1070 to listen online, a new feature they just introduced.

I’ve been to other radio station sites that stream. They use either Real Player, WMP or some java applet. But not Infinity Radio. They must think that all of their users are running Internet Explorer and running windows because they are using a streaming applet that requires DirectX. Ick.

So, I fire up IE on the Windows machine and head back over to the site. I get there, click listen live when suddenly, out of nowhere, the entire top of the browser window (address bar north) is taken over and turned into a disgusting purple and green ad for Monster. THE ENTIRE TOP PORTION OF IE! PURPLE! A GIANT F’ING AD FOR THAT DAMNED JOB SITE! ugh, all bad.

I doubt I’ll listen online with them anymore. Making me start IE and junk. Mother f’ers

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