BYOMS, ver1.2

Ok gang, for this weeks build your own movie soundtrack the genre shall be…

Spy Thriller
(think Spy Games, Bourne Identity, and any of the Tom Clancy films)

the rules are simple for those that missed them last time:

  • no more than 15 songs, it can be less
  • has to be a real band that has a loyal following beyond yourself
  • the song has to be readily available for download or purchase.
  • at least 1 of the songs has to be radio friendly. Gotta have that hot single!
  • you are allowed to bite from an existing movie soundtrack if you so desire

    but you may ask, “yo, db! why is this week version 1.2?”. Spy Thriller is a sub genre of action adventure in my book, hence the lack of a full rev increase. Next week will be version 2.

    Build your list, check it twice, then post it:

  • here as a comment
  • on your blog. If on your blog, then post your url here as a comment

    That’s it. Mine will be posted shortly!

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