But it’s not in the shed

So I spent about an hour yesterday going through Dad’s shed looking for his 8mm projector. I found his screen. A few boxes of photos. Some antique do-dads. A tic-tac-toe game I made in 7th grade shop class.

But not a projector.

So, it’s back to the grand ‘rents today to continue the project, using Grand Dad’s projector. For now, I’m just going to have to make it work.

In other news…

Fireballed.com has been updated and is now live. Feedback, as usual, is greatly appreciated. The other site I’m working on should be done today ready for the switch over shortly thereafter.

The Hollywood Car Show domain is live and site is almost finished. Shooting for go live this weekend. Episode 4 is in the tubes too, so go get it.

Was able to put a fraud alert on my credit across all agencies. Next up, a trip to Temecula to get another copy of my birth certificate, right after I procure a new lock box.

Next week w(t)f should get back to normal apprearance. I just need to find the 20 minutes or so I need to move pressd out to it’s own install.

Check pressd too. The RIAA has shut down muxtape and I’ve been reading that Pandora is, again, in trouble, but not with the RIAA.

Ok, gotta go to the beach!

By Don

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