Boy I’m sour

Yesterday I’m at a car wash, cleaning the crap out of my car like I have to do before the lads can get in a vacuum and whatnot. The trash in my car usually consists mostly of empty water bottles and the occasional soda bottle. I spend a lot of time in my car and I like to stay hydrated.


A lightbulb appeared. Been awhile since I had one, and it was good. Why not, at the car wash locations, have 2 cans for customers to empty trash? One for trash and the other for recycleables. I’m thinking this is a great idea, the customers would probably love it, and there is a good chance this could be done for the cost of the cans alone and maybe a slight increase in our service costs.

I bring it up to one of the managers who instantly shoots it down.

It just doesn’t pay to have ideas anymore gang. I know I’m going to stop sharing mine.

‘Rents are still here too, which doesn’t help. I need them to leave so I can get some work done. I still have to get the Monday WRR show up, and I don’t know when I’ll have the time to finish it. Not to mention updates to 2 sites I manage and god knows how many stories behind I am at MF. Ugh.

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  1. Maybe the solution is to have a recycle bag or box behind the passenger seat in your car and leave the trash at the car wash. Then empty the recycle bag or box at home. Maybe you could create a recycle bag product for the Mini.

  2. Sure, that would work, but what about everyone else? I still thinks it a good idea.

    I’m also hearing these comments are working. Is that true?

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