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You know what I mean. All of the electronic crap that you try your best to keep up with everyday.

There are blogs that I keep up with as often as possible. See the links on the right? Yea, that’s the bulk of them right there. There are others over here that I try to read as well. I don’t let it take too much of time, but I still manage to keep up.

Message boards are slowly turning into the new pain in my ass. I’m not sure about you, but there are about 6 messages boards that I almost have to keep up with on a regular basis. What a drain.

On the boards that you follow, have you ever noticed that people are unusually sensitive about things that are written? I mean you could misspell a word and all of a sudden every member of that board, plus all of their buddies from their other boards that have joined just for this and totally freaking out, getting all bent out of shape and blasting the poor poster of the misspelled word as if that person committed genocide against the Kangaroo Rat or something. I mean c’mon people, lighten up a bit.

I’m just saying that you can’t take every word that you read online, especially in the context of any kind of message board, literally.

Keep in mind that most people can’t write. Well, sure they can fill out a check or sign their name, but, much like a webdesigner with the latest copy of Front Page, they can’t compose a sentence to save their life. Sure a quick note to Mom or something like that they can manage, but to put words to screen that carry tone or expression? Nope. I’d be surprised if any of them can actually type (60wpm here, thanks).

And, in the off chance that you are the one getting offended, don’t come crying to me ok? Nothing I can do to help you out.

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