Backup your Backups

I’m not having the best summer.

No work to speak of. I’ve had to make due on less than a 1/4 of what I was making before.

House broken into. Costing me over $2k in losses, not to mention the possibility of having my identity completely jacked.

Now, the 500gb external drive containing all of my music, all of my photos and all of my very old backups (docs and whatnot) is toast. Disk utility won’t touch it, firewire or USB, with Leopard running or running off of the DVD. Nada.

Tried Windows too. Nothing.

So, today’s lesson is to backup your backups. If, like me, you have over 200GB of stuff, then it’s time to get a backup drive for the backup drive. Maybe look into getting a Drobo? Something.

You have been warned. Do it now before you too loose 5 years of photos and over $4k in music, ok?

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