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Dear Internet,

It’s been sometime since we’ve spoke and quite a lot has happened. Actually, not really that much has happened, but some stuff has happened. The biggest of those things that has happened is that I’m no longer gainfully employed. So, I’m back to keeping myself busy.

Job searches are happening as you would expect, but searching for work isn’t billable. I know, right? Back to doing what I do, plus a few extra things. 2 WordPress projects are in some fashion of completeness, I’ve done some on-site computer repair and I’m trying something completely new with photography.

I have decided to open White Roof Photo is for my automotive and other photography. A place to keep a portfolio and a place to promote the service of automotive and event photography to those that might need it. I’ll be doing pool-side portraits at AMVIV X later this month and hopefully will get the chance to do some automotive portraits as well.

Otherwise, I am again offering my services for anything that you might need. PC/Mac configuration, repair and training. WordPress implementation and training. Social Media, community building and Internet marketing. Content creation (writing, audio, video, photo). I’m available for your project immediately! Click over the Contact page to get started.

I’ve also been feeling the need to write more. This makes me happy since it has been a while. I’m glad that is coming back. Expect to see more regular posts at all of the properties.

Thanks for your patience.



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  1. Looking forward to whiteroofpr0n er, photo! I love looking at the various ways people mod their Minis. Good luck!

  2. Not going to say sorry because you weren’t happy there and now you have the opportunity to be happy, for that I will say congrats! I was in an unhappy situation and leaving was exactly what I needed. Take some time (not too much) to get yourself re-centered on what makes you happy. It sounds like you are already heading in that direction with the new photo project, can’t wait to see some of your car shots! I am way behind on even getting good shots of my own cars, might need to hire you! 🙂 It will be worth it! No good luck wishes either, you have talent, you will make your own way! 🙂

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