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Back in Production Mode


I realize I’ve been touching on this in pieces here and on the social medias, however I haven’t really said that I was full on back in podcast production mode.


I am full on back in podcast production mode!

And what podcasts am I currently producing?

The Hollywood Car Show with world famous movie designer Fireball Tim (yes, that is really his name)(yes, REALLY!) and we talk about movies, cars, cars in movies and car events, with insider stories by Fireball! I always enjoyed this show, and this is our thrid season of being at it! Click that link for all of the subscribe options.

Ride Bikes Radio with Brian Dallas is back! This is the show about riding bikes and having fun on bikes! Brian has some huge goals for the next year and we will be tracking his progress, plus talking about riding bikes! Same here, link takes you to a handy subscribe page.

White Roof Radio with Todd Pearson, Gabe Bridger and Chad Miller is now 18 years old, with our 691st regular episode going live last week. This is all MINI Cooper stuff, all the time. We also record the pre-show for this one and it’s available, free of charge, at blackroofradio.com! Fancy link for this one is coming soon!

DonBurnside.com podcast also needs a fancy link. With this and White Roof Radio, I’m still working on the final bits moving the audio to a new host. Once that is done, I’m going to start doing regular episodes.

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