At the Gym

I was going to post this to Twitter, but I needed more than 140 characters.

So, I’m a guy. We all know this. And, as a guy, I like boobs. It’s pretty much a guy thing ladies, so get over it.

Anyway, I’m at the gym tonight at there is this woman there, maybe about my age, maybe a little older and she had the most ginormous boobs I think I have ever seen. Naturally, she was wearing the most ill fitting tank-top so that they were pouring out all over.

I really don’t need the distraction while I’m trying to keep my BPM up, ya know? Isn’t there a way you could cover that up? It’s not that I mind the boobs (we covered this already, right?), because I don’t. I just want to get my workout done without having to keep looking over to see if you are going to get a black eye from one of those hitting you in the face.

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