Around the water cooler

Ok, so I don’t have a water cooler in my office. Come to think of it, I spent all week cleaning and reloading a pc in the office, but that’s for another post.

I’m sure, that if there were a water cooler in my office, I would have heard something like…
(Bionic Woman, Heroes, Chuck and The Office spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the newest episodes by now, go someplace else.)


  • How did Sylar end up in Mexico?
  • Honestly, the Superman stuff is pretty cheeseball
  • Being able to do what you see if cool, but to what extent?
  • Claire really shouldn’t have kissed that boy. Of course, if she had seen the picture…
  • Parkman’s Dad? Possible Bad guy? whoa
  • Who does Nathan keep seeing in the mirror? Did that happen to him after the explosion? does he have powers we don’t know about?


  • Is the Chuck and Sara story going to be as good as Jim and Pam? Time will tell
  • Morgan is becoming quite annoying.
  • However, Casey is becoming fun to watch

Bionic Woman

  • How long until she tells her sister? I think it will be right before the show really starts to suck
  • Why did she give the thumb drive back to that guy? ‘Bout the dumbest thing I’ve seen
  • Even with taking about the bullet, no wincing? hmmmm
  • Stopping the fan was cool, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t start back up. I saw smoke coming from the motor

The Office

  • Moes is definitely a bizarre creature. The neck beard doesn’t help
  • I’m pretty sure there isn’t really much to the agri-tourism industry
  • I can’t believe Pam and Jim and are Dwight’s side. They are good people
  • Andy is still annoying. And it’s getting annoying
  • I don’t think Ryan’s ex has a un-crazy side
  • Creed is just awesome. A person could learn a few things from him
  • My arms don’t have core
  • Bon Jovi on the flute by the dumpster. Awe. Some
  • When I grow up I don’t want to be a presentation tool

That’s it for this week. Feel free to play along

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  1. You should at least watch Heroes. Chuck and BW too (for no other reason than the hot girl content). And, the office too, unless Seinfeld made you want to throw crap at the tv.

    And, awesome. Next time I’m in PA I’m sooooo gonna stay there!

  2. I watched the fist 5 or 6 episodes of Heroes but found it annoying for reasons I can’t remember; Chuck just looked silly (hot chick not withstanding) and I like BW until I found out it clashed with Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares. I have seen one episode of the office and it wasn’t that bad but I am such a huge fan of the original that it just doesn’t seem right.

    I am digging Torchwood, not that you asked.

  3. It would have been hysterical if the Schrute Farms review on TripAdvisor just showed up and folks added to it just because it was there… But apparently it’s part of a directed Gorilla Marketing scheme from NBC… From the DunderMifflin Infinity site:

    Feedback is vital in the formation of a new business. Dwight Schrute, one of our leading salesmen, has opened up his beet farm to agrotourism. We’d like you to post your review of Schrute Farms on your branch’s TripAdvisor page. This task’s prize is a signed script by the cast of “The Office”!

    That just knocked the cool factor of the TripAdvisor page down a few notches in my book…

    My problem with Andy is that when he first showed up in Scranton he was Dwight’s “rival” then he goes to therapy and now he’s Dwight’s minion… WTF?

    Overall though, I think The Office has gotten much better over last season…

    I’ve been wondering about Torchwood, caught bits and pieces of it and it looked interesting but I couldn’t decide if it deserved a spot on the DVR list.

  4. If you like Dr Who I’d say it definitely worth sacrificing some bits of your DVR hard drive for some Torchwood. Try and get episode 2 with the sex addict alien 🙂

  5. ok, I’ll check torchwood.

    BTW, The great thing about Chuck is that it is fantastically over the top unbelievable. Chock full of awesomeness. You might like it.

  6. I’m loving the fact that the office is an hour long now..and, now that it’s far outstripped the british version in terms of episodes (which is primo….definitely worth checking out via netflix/bbonline) it’s more free to take on different avenues with the story line.

    I never got into heroes..or lost (yeah, i know). I really need to catch up. I’ve got the soprano’s que’d up so that’ll keep me busy for a while.

    db- ever watch arrested development? I think you’d enjoy it.

  7. Re: Arrested Development, do what the man says, it’s an awesome show. And usually you can get the dvds for super cheap if you look at the right time.

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