Another new WordPress site

Actually, my 2nd since moving to Arizona, so go me.

That is for my new place of employment, Encore Creative. Site is powered by WordPress using a few plugins to manage things like the contact form and testimonials.

This site is unique for me on a few levels. First is that the layout was created using a pre-made grid. I must say that I really enjoy using that as a base for a new layout and plan on using it again in the future. Second, this site I built a few conditional pages as well as building out separate theme pages for each section of the site. It’s one of the largest themes I’ve built in terms of files, but it’s also one of the largest sites that I have ever managed, weighing in at over 70 pages plus a blog!

Revisions will be trimming down the number of files by recycling some code and making a little more compliant with IE7 and 8. It looks good, but not as good as it should. Finally, tweaks to the header and the blog for some good, old fashioned, calls to action.

The other new addition to the portfolio can be found at Full WordPress powered site with a blog as you would expect. First time I have imported a TypePad blog into WordPress and the process was seamless.

With this site, I’m practicing running WordPress with as few plugins as possible. So far, it’s working quite well. Not for nothing, you should click over, visit her blog and follow along. She is working on doing a photo 365 and her pictures are amazing!

Comments are open. Feedback is always appreciated!

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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