And, Yet Another

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Another year has passed and today I am, once again, celebrating the anniversary of my birth 42 years ago. As tradition dictates of late, I will be spending the day working as much as I possibly can. Unlike other years, I can’t say this past one was terribly fantastic.

Which isn’t to say that cool stuff didn’t happen this past year, because it did. I mean, I did go to England last summer. Co-hosted and co-produced the first ever White Roof Radio live show. Met the lads at MINI of Ontario and MINI of Loveland. And I met some cool people otherwise (the list is too long to post here).

Without being too Donny Downer, I’m just going to end by saying that I am very happy this year is now behind me and I hope that the following year is a damn sight better!

Happy Birthday. To me.

As usual, I accept Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks gift cards. Just sayin’

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