…And I still don’t have my drivers license

Some of you might recall my wallet, among other things, being stolen from my house back in July of last year.

Some of you might even remember me trying to get my drivers licenses again.

Well, I’ve been busy, so today was the first chance I had to get to the DMV to get it, again. I actually need it to run a credit report so I can rent a house.

So, I go to the DMV. Fill out the form, get a number and wait. And wait. About an hour passes and my number is called. It’s early, so everyone is still in relatively good spirts. I go to the appointed clerk and tell her I need a copy of my D/L. She checks my passport vs. the form I filled out vs. the record on her computer. So far, so good.

Then, she says my licenses has been suspended, back in August ( ! ) for a failure to appear! I told her I already took care of that, back in August. She apologized, gave me her name and said I had to go to the courthouse again ( ! ) and have them send it through.

So, I go to the courthouse. I wait and wait. About 1/2 hour there, which isn’t so bad. I tell the very nice clerk there my dilema so she pulls the record and confirms that, yes, I did in fact pay the fine and everything should be good to go. She prints out some things, jots down notes on one of them, including my phone number, and places it directly on the persons desk who is supposed to take care of that. She said it would get done as soon as possible and she offered to call me when it was done. But, that process can still take 5-7 business days!

Of course, once they put it through, I still have to go back to the DMV to get my license.


By Don

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  1. Are you kidding? Can’t they just give you something that says it’s paid for you to take back to the DMV?!?

    I had a similar thing about 10 years ago – DMV said I had an outstanding parking ticket from the City of Seattle even though I had paid it months before and they refused to renew my registration… Went to the Seattle courthouse who printed out a receipt and gave me a letter, then went back to the DMV who let me register my car…

    I know, I know, much like the Army if it was done right – then it wasn’t done by the State of California…

  2. >Are you kidding? Can’t they just give you something that says it’s paid for you to take back to the DMV?!?

    I forgot to mention that I tried that. But it actually needs to be in *their* system for it to count. Paper? It’s worthless anymore.

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