And I Only Used an iPhone

Just finished an epic road trip for the show as most of you already know. But we aren’t talking about that here. At least, not directly. For this kind of an event, I’m usually loaded to the hilt with gear to capture as many moments of the event that I can. Cameras, computers, cables and memory cards, all loaded into my giant Swiss Army backpack.

This time was no different. I had my Panasonic point and shoot (sold the Nikon, that’s a story for another day), my iPad, iPhone 5s, GoPro camera and my MacBook Air.

And I only used my iPhone.

That’s not entirely true. I did take a few photos with the Panasonic on the first day. On the 3rd day, I used the GoPro until the battery died and I realized I did not have a charging cable. Every photo, every video that I captured during the event was with my iPhone.

Not only that, but it was also my goto device for navigation, communication, GeoTracking myself so other could find me or see where I was, keeping up on stats for the social media, finding lunch and keeping track of my itinerary. Sure, I brought my Macbook Air, but it was used, maybe, 6 times during the whole trip, 3 of them to edit and upload audio.

I even brought my iPad, but only used that at night to catch up on my day when I needed a larger screen. I charged it once during the trip and came home with the battery still at over 60%, to show you how much it got used.

Everyday was non-stop from 6:00am until midnight or later. There wasn’t time to offload photos/video, process and edit. There was’t time for much writing. There was enough time to do what had to be done on the iPhone before it went back into my pocket. The only other piece of tech that got used close to the same amount is the Mophie Juice Pack I purchased, along with one other. The places I went, if there was cell service, it was poor. Battery draining poor. The Mophie is the only way we were able to use our devices for the entire day.

I never thought this would happen. In fact, I’m sure somewhere in the archives I have a post stating that there is no way I could cover a national level MINI event using only a _phone_. But, as I like to say, done and done.

##The Apps##
The following is the list of apps that were used multiple times per day.

– Instagram
– Facebook
– Pages for Facebook
– Google Maps
– Glympse
– Yelp
– Google App
– Facebook Messenger
– Tweetbot
– Trip Case
– Swarm
– Camera
– Spotify

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