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Hey everyone- I’m Chris (aka cj, chans, cjupin, or if  you want to call me what everyone else does- then just plain “jupin” will suffice). Allow me to take this time to personally thank db for letting me post on his personal site; I think this is a great idea and his timing couldn’t be better as I just retired (read: got lazy) from writing on my own personal site. I’ve been following db and the whiteroofradio guys since the get-go in 2005 (even before I took possession of my MINI). Their discussions got me through many, many, many hellacious traffic-laden commutes and I’m grateful to have learned so much about my new car as well those guys (and Michael!). So again thanks db.

Currently I live/work in Atlanta, Georgia (well, technically I live in a northern suburb of Atlanta) with my wife of almost 3 years. My father was in the military so we moved around a lot (Texas, Tennessee, Germany, France, Hawaii, Georgia). Thankfully because of the moving I have avoided a southern accent (at least compared to others in Georgia). Somehow we ended up in Georgia and stayed long enough to graduate from the University of Georgia (BBA MIS).

I’m a systems analyst for a large consulting company (no, not a sys admin).Most of the work I do is implement and manage technical projects related to benefits (medical plans, 401k, etc.) and legal compliance. From a technical standpoint I work with SAS for batch operations and a proprietary version of object-oriented COBOL (yes, you read that right). 

Ok, enough of that. 

I’ve been interested in computers ever since I was a young lad in El Paso, Texas. My first computer was a Commodore but for the life of me I can’t remember the exact make and model- all I remember is that I could kick some serious ass in wheel of fortune and oregon trail on a floppy! As you may/may not know the Jupin household is a Mac household (total Macs at 3 now). I can share the spotlight with Josh on any new Apple products and give them praise before I’ve even seen or touched the new product (let me start with this “my, that new 17″ macbook pro is definitely the most powerful laptop currently available!”). I consider myself a computer geek but also a MINI owner, music nerd, a food network junkie, a book worm (I’m addicted to Amazon), and most recently, an amateur photographer. I hope to do some future posts related to some of those interests if I haven’t put everyone to sleep with my first post. That being said I think I’ll wrap this up by finishing my diet coke and granola bar breakfast (yech) and thanking db again (thanks!)

Thanks for your time and have a better-than-average Wednesday.

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