An Experiement

I’ve been posting over here for a few years now. Not promoting it so much, or linking a whole lot across the ‘net. My thoughts have always been “if they find it, great. If not, that’s ok too” when it comes to traffic here at w(t)f.

It started off with a bunch of spammers and this guy. Then a few more readers came along. The long way too, usually following the link to that adorns the bottom of many pages I create. This brought the readership total up to about 7.

Then I started the show. about another 10 of you took the trouble to find this. Thanks!

Then I did the theme change. Including links to all of my sites on all of my sites. Recipe posts at flickr brought in some n00bs too. And the videos at Viddler.

After all of this, you, the wtf reader, are now about 1200 strong! Yes, holy crap indeed.

Now, in comparison, you are only about 1/2 as many as the MINI site. But that site cheats. It gets mentioned in the show. It’s linked up at MF among other places. It gets better search refs too, and has a higher google ranking. For the most part, it’s been fairly organic.

Now, to do the same with w(t)f.

You might see a few minor changes around the site. I’ve added tags (since all the kids are doing it). And, I’m going to be a keyword whore. But only for the next month. But I’m not going to do any overt promotion short of the occassional link on twitter. But only if I think it’s an awesome post. Remember, I hate spam worse than you do.

Right now you are on track to be 1500 strong this month. I want to see if my tweaks and whatnot can increase that by at least 500 for the month of June. While I’m not going to ask for your help, if you do come across a post that you think is worthy of sharing, please feel free to do so. Time to bring w(t)f out of the closet and into prime time.

Here we go!

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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