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Last week, Amazon announced its newest service: Amazon Cloud Player. It’s a web app. It’s an Android App. It’s made of magic, unicorn feathers and rainbows.

Right now, everyone has 5gb of storage. At least everyone that has an Amazon account (which I’m guessing all of you already have). Do with that what you want. Music, docs, videos. Even iTunes playlists. As an added bonus, if you buy an album from Amazon, they will automatically up your storage to 20gb, and your Amazon purchase _won’t count against it_.

Go ahead, read that again.

Now for the really cool part. If you have an android phone (like I know many of you already have), download the Amazon MP3 App to your phone. This is available in the regular Android Market so even you ATT Android users can take advantage (unlike the Amazon Android Market). Voila! Now you can **easily** move your music to your phone, Windows or Mac, iTunes or Windows Media. Done and done.

One of the biggest problems that I have had with Android is getting songs to my phone. HTC doesn’t support the Mac and double twist isn’t that great in my opinion. What Amazon has done is create iTunes for Android.

Go ahead and read _that_ again.

I’m only about a week into this and still testing, but so far I’m extraordinarily pleased. Pleased that I can easily listen to my music in the office. Pleased that I have another backup of my music. Pleased that I have a way to easily add my music to my Droid Incredible. And I think you would be too. I still have to test over 3G, but I have a feeling that it will work pretty ok there too.

If you are trying to do this using an iOS device, there isn’t an app yet, but there are some workarounds if you search them out. Hopefully Amazon will get something into the App Store for you guys soon.

By Don

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  1. I haven’t used the player yet but 5gb of free online storage is very nice.
    It’s not quite as functional as Dropbox, with its automatic syncing across machines, but very nice nonetheless.
    Your music backup issues are less important to me (I have my music backed up to a NAS and an external USB hard drive), and I don’t do internet stuff on my phone so that’s a null issue, but Amazon has an immediate presence in this space.

  2. …Thanks Don; this is what I’ve been looking for my android…it’s always great to hear you on whiteroof radio!!

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