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Talk about a nifty tool. Downloaded w.bloggar tonight and installed it. Supports most blog systems, and has the ability for custom configurations if you have the API for your system. Edit posts, delete multiples, save posts as text file for posting later, blah blah blah. If I were still on dialup, I’d use this all the time. Heck, I think I might use it all the time even tho I’m not on dialup.

The template editor is even fairly slick, complete with color coding, ala Homesite. And, it looks like a program, not my browser window, so it will be perfect for using on my laptop at work!

So, on with the test…

This is a test of the nifty offline blog editor called w.bloggar. Had this been an actual post you would have been instructed to participate in this weeks BYOMS or I’m sure I would have even posted a nifty link here.

I have gotten together in conjuction with myself in this same area to provide you with this test to keep you informed in the event of an actual blog post.

Please remember, this is only a test

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