A Tale of 3 Storms

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of Blackberry Storm Theatre, with your host, Don Burnside.

Drama added for effect. Did it work? I’m guessing not, so let’s just get on with the story.

About 2 weeks ago my Blackberry Storm went caput. Well, not 100%, but the speaker and microphone quit working. Problematic to say the least, especially since it is the only device I have for voice communication. Prior to this happening, I was perfectly satisfied with the Storm, after I made a few updates and changes to the device based on information I gleaned from Crackberry.com and a few others.

Ok, phone caput. New one is sent and it works fine, kinda. While the microphone works, it sounds like I’m talking with a mouth full of marbles. Not the greatest. So, another call to 611, the tech agrees the call quality is poor and sends another phone.

That is sitting in the box on my desk.

Upon receiving phone numba 2, I decided that I would wait for Verizon to push out an update for this device, instead of downloading it from the intartubes again, thinking that it might have been a bad build or something that broke my phone. So, I have been running software that was released on or about December 8th of last year. And it sucks.

It’s version .75 of the Storm software and, if I’m honest, it’s horrible. Almost worse than v.65 that originally came with the phone. It’s completely unusable with this version. The buttons don’t press correctly, the accelerometer is painfully slow to adjust and doing almost anything causes the phone to stop responding for about 30 seconds before it starts going again. Not good, not good at all.

Finally, after spending the day staring into the 100+ degree ball of fire in the sky and having my phone not work the way it should 1 more time, in a fit of rage, I contacted support. But, I was nice. No, really, I was.

I asked if there was an update coming this week. He said no. I then asked if it was possible for me to exchange this device for something else. He explained a few things about that too. When he finished, he asked if he could make a suggestion and explain something.

me: Sure, go ahead

Tech: blah blah blah blah we don’t ask what version software you are running when you call blah blah blah blah.

So, in a very roundabout way, without telling me it was ok to upgrade the software on my phone, he told me to update the damned software on my phone!

Which I will be doing tonight with the unit that is in the box before I even activate it.

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By Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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