A short get away

In the midst of everything else, The Resort is getting a serious upgrade (finally) that I don’t have to do (finally). It’s still a few weeks away, but I’m heading out there in a few hours to clean up some things that I should have done a few years ago. N00b stuff with the network. At least I’ll be getting it straighted out.

I’ll be updating the DHCP scope to something that makes sense (really? 10.0? dude, what where you thinking?) across the network including the server, router and 4 WiFi access points. I know, sounds like fun to you too, right? Personally I can’t wait.

Currently there are 4 extra people in my house. Temporarily, of course, but they are still here. I don’t mind that they are here (it was my suggestion), but I do need some ‘me’ time. 8 hours in the car, 4-5 hours in the office by myself and dinner with Mom and Dad should fit that bill just about perfect. It’s not that headphone mode isn’t good enough, I just need a break. It’s been a rough summer, ya know?

Speaking of, resume has been updated and reworked (in .doc format no less, ick). I trimmed out a bunch of extra and brought it back to one page. Here’s to hoping that helped. The problem I have now is actually trying to trim all of my experience, skills and knowledge into a single page without using 6pt. type. It was tough, but I think I managed ok.

On the way back I’ll be detouring through the lovely burg of Las Vegas, Nevada. I can’t tell you why, sorry. No, for reals. It’s like, top secret and some junk. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.

Sure there is a jump. What do you think? Do you wanna see what I’ve hidden? I bet you do. C’mon, you know you want to click!

While I’m gone, click over to donburnside.com to get a sneak peak of some of the changes that will be happening. Namely it’s rev 1 of the new navigation. Or you can listen to the latest Woofcasts or THCS (interviewing a real live Hollywood director even). Or, watch this silly video I made for you this week.

Also while I’m gone, Josh will be in charge. I know what you are saying, but the last time I left UK Paul in charge my stereo was tuned to the wrong channels and there was stuffed animal guts everywhere. Josh only drinks me outta booze. At least he cleans up after himself.

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