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I know among us there are quite a few Tech-types that have to keep track of time, billing and all of that.

My current system is pretty antiquated, using a combination of spreadsheets and handwritten notes. I know, how 19th century!

I’ve tried some time/billing software but most of it is complicated, too expensive or doesn’t work in a manner that suits my needs.

Is there a time/billing program out there, Windows or Mac, that you have used that you like? And not one of those online services either.

You know, just leave a note below. Links are extremely helpful too. I’ll keep an eye on the comment queue to make sure everything gets through.

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Because we can’t do anything the easy way here – we’re using an access database that one of the resident Access programmers put together for us.

Once we got him to build out the reports we needed it’s been great – web interfaces and all.

But’s its probably overkill for your needs… Heck, its probably overkill for our needs as well, but when you’ve got to keep an Access programmer gainfully employed…

people soft, yes.

I thought about building out an Access thing, but I’m not sure I want to take the time. and, all I have is 2000 anyway. Maybe I’ll poke around and do that search on delicious.

And I checked out on the job. Looks good, but it, like almost every other on the Mac, is timer based. I’m not always at my computer when I’m doing billable work, so that doesn’t work for me either.

I’ve used Billings. it’s OK. There’s a webapp call flexbooks, my friend loves it.

I built, ages ago a webapp that does time tracking, then I hacked it to do invoicing, so I use that. Been going strong for like 5-6 years now I think it is. Not heavy on features mainly because I’d have to re-write it to enhance it. I started down that road, but never went far.

Billings was ok. though it didn’t fit my use case πŸ™‚

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