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Been having some bad luck with keyboards lately. My last favorite, the Logitech Access Keyboard served me well for over 3 years with great key response and nice feel. Heck, that thing rocked for just about everything.

But, a misfortunate coffee spilled brought a quick end to her.

So, I was using the stock keyboard that came with my PC for the last week. God, what a pile of crap. My biggest complaint was that the shift key combos were too slow, so I would either miss the cap or capitalize 2 letters. What a pain. It was just a clunker.

I finally broke down and got a wireless keyboard.

Logitech S 510

Wow! I’ve always been a big fan of laptop keyboards. I like the quietness and the key response. Plus, there is a little bit of a solid feel to the keys usually that I like. This keyboard works just like that. It’s quiet, has great response and is plenty fast. Highly recommend it if you are in the market. Price wasn’t horrible at $70 including the mouse.

I didn’t really need the mouse. The one I have been using is a work horse and hasn’t given me any problems in the 5+ years I’ve had it. But’s it’s nice to have a matched set. One of the cool things with the new mouse is that the scroll wheel also has a side to side function that will do a bunch of things (I’m sure) including switch between tabs in Firefox, which is wicked cool!

As I’ve said in the past, it really doesn’t take much for me.

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  1. I’ve never found a wireless keyboard that can keep up with my typing speed. Not that I’m saying I type fast, but I find myself having to slow down a lot if I want all the characters to appear.

    Looks nice, though.

  2. I was afraid of that too, but so far so good. Although I have knocked out any serious typing with it yet (other than some chat sessions), it has yet to stall or slow down or anything like that.

    The key response tho is absolutely awesome!

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