A little testing

Got the invite from Odeo.com to play with their studio.

Of course, I took advantage of it, reading one of the more rant-y passages from w(t)f.

It’s only about 3 minutes long. Check it out if you want here.

Oh yea, unless you are wearing headphones, it’s very much NSFW.

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By Don

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  1. DB it was so clear I could hear the saliva in your mouth hit your lips. I could also quite clearly take a sip of something in the middle of your rant. This was very clear perhaps too clear for casual reading. When you go to use this it might be a good idea to be very prepared as the littlest thing can be picked up in your voice. But I would say it is a very good tool for podcasting. Bet you didn’t think I would be the first to comment on this one.

  2. Karin….don’t google Goatse…NSFW stands for not safe for work…young joshua is just trying to gross you out 🙂

    And I knew about the other stuff, but it was just a test rant so I really didn’t care.

    Sweet tool though. Works easily and quickly. No way to add music or other sounds in it at this time, but they might add it in later hopefully. Worth keeping an eye out for it to go live that’s for sure.

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